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Medicinal products

Plant outline

 Fuji Kuzawa Plant

 1648-1 Kuzawa, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken


 Licensed businesses: Manufacturing of medicinal products

Outsourced manufacturing items

1. Manufacturing of all kinds of capsules

Outsourced manufacturing of medicinal product-use soft capsules, seamless capsules and hard capsules, soft capsules for highly active drugs, and liquid-containing hard capsules, etc.

2. Jelly

Ideal form for persons with dysphagia and children who dislike medicine, etc.

3. Inspection

Inspection of vial containers, PTP packaging, and other packaging products
(Inspection and examination of contamination by foreign matter, using magnifying glass, metal detector and X-ray inspection equipment, etc.)

4. All kinds of packaging

Three-sided seal packaging, PTP packaging, stick packaging, laminated zip packaging, bottles and boxes, etc.

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