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Quality Assurance system

To manufacture reliable products…

In order to ensure that our products are high quality, we use raw materials and packaging materials that meet our standards in every process, from receiving raw materials and packaging materials, through to shipping, and production, which is carried out in an environment and with machines that are maintained by experienced personnel. Sunsho Pharmaceutical has thoroughly established structures in the area of “GMP” and “HACCP”. We have also been involved in traceability since the company was first established, and we maintain three-year lot samples for all productions, and three years or more of production notes.

Raw materials/packaging materials

●Surveillance system for installation of raw materials/packaging materials
Raw materials/packaging materials investigation checks (standard forms, MSDS and examination result sheets, etc.) and strict checks by the QA department and R&D department
●Raw materials/packaging materials acceptance test
Manufacturer test report confirmation, content tests, verification tests (FT-IR, UV), purity tests (related substances, residual solvents, and optical isomers, etc.), and bacteria tests (general bacteria, coliform bacteria, fungi, etc.)

Environment and equipment management

We implement quality control and production that is suited to medicinal products and health-foods GMP at factories with the latest equipment, including air intake prevention by means of zone management and air-conditioning management, air filtration (partial) by means of HEPA filters, clean room-method floor walls, air showers, and environment and microbial control by means of ozone/UV sterilization.

Employee training

Experienced personnel must be trained in order to carry out thorough quality control. Sunsho Pharmaceutical is endeavoring to increase the knowledge and awareness of its employees by means of monthly GMP/HACCP study groups for all employees, participation in external classes, and the latest information from industry group membership and more than 60 related journals.

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