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Functional pharmaceutical production

Here, we will introduce various functional pharmaceutical productions that have been developed by Sunsho Pharmaceutical.

Tablate®Tablet and capsule collaboration

This is a new pharmaceutical production that combines the respective strengths of capsules and tablets by wrapping plain tablets in a collagen (gelatin) membrane that is the same as a soft capsule membrane.

●It is possible to make pharmaceutical productions with raw materials that are difficult to harden and turn into tablets.
●Coating layer does not break even under 30kg of pressure.
●High mixing ratio of active ingredients is possible.
●Even ingredients that are susceptible to oxidation and heat can be made into pharmaceutical productions.
●Thin coating layer means that dosage forms can be miniaturized.
●Easy to swallow thanks to excellent masking of taste and smell.
●Coating layers can be given two colors, and there are many different color variations available. Therefore, it is possible to design products that look beautiful.
●Low in calories compared with sugar-coated pills.
●Advanced shielding of the taste, color and smell of tablet contents makes it suitable for blind tasting in clinical studies.

V-CapsulePlant-based capsule

This is a plant-based capsule with a capsule membrane base using starch, agar, pullulan, cellulose, or carrageenan, etc. The V-Capsule has different characteristics from conventional gelatin capsules in terms of heat resistance, hardness, and reactivity with contents, etc. It can also be used by vegetarians and people who do not eat animal-derived foods on religious grounds, etc., and products can be given the healthy image that plants have.

1. Soft capsule (starch, carrageenan, etc.)
●Excellent heat resistance and stability makes it difficult for capsules to stick together under high temperatures.
●Difficult for delayed decay to occur.
●Soft finish also ideal for chewable soft capsules.
2. Seamless capsule (agar, etc.)
Agar capsules can be used in two different types: a dry type, and a fresh type.
3. Hard capsule (pullulan, cellulose, etc.)
Hard capsules can be selected to suit the purpose of use, including cellulose capsules with membranes that are strong even when mixed with highly absorbent raw materials, and pullulan capsules with excellent oxygen barrier properties, etc.

X-GelDelicious capsule

This is a soft capsule that can be eaten while enjoying the delicious flavor of the capsule membrane.
This is a soft capsule that is safe for children and elderly persons as well, thanks to its soft finish.

●This soft capsule has a characteristic cool sweetness from xylitol, which is known for its cavity-preventing effects, and is suitable for making it easy to take in raw materials that are difficult to take in because of their taste of smell.
●X-Gel can be prepared as pharmaceutical production for chewing and eating as it is, or for drinking by dissolving in hot water.

S-CapsuleUltra-fast-dissolving capsule

The S-Capsule has an extremely thin membrane that is about 1/4 to 1/10 the thickness of a conventional soft capsule membrane.
Moreover, the size of grain diameter can be changed from around 0.5mm to around 10mm depending on the purpose.

●Dissolves within seconds of coming into contact with warm water, without any membrane residue.
●Keeps flavor of contents fresh and is stable for long time.
●Most suitable for mouth fresheners or flavoring oil capsules (red chili oil/garlic oil, etc.).
●Seamless nature makes for beautiful appearance, enabling design of products with high added value.

S-TabletOrally-disintegrating tablet

This tablet has been designed to dissolve quickly in a small amount of water moisture. It can be taken without water, as it is dissolved by saliva when put into the mouth.

●This tablet can be taken by young and old alike without any worries, as it will not get stuck in the throat.
●Active ingredients are quickly absorbed.
●Can easily be taken as a nutritional supplement anywhere and at any time.

W-GelHeat-resistant, moisture-resistant capsule

This soft capsule has excellent heat-resistant and moisture-resistant properties. Since soft capsules are dissolved by body temperature inside the stomach, the membranes of general soft capsules are partially dissolved when stored in hot and humid environments equivalent to body temperature or above, and capsules tend to stick to each other. W-Gel has solved this problem. It can be used with peace of mind even for products that may be stored in hot places.

●Water-based extracts with high moisture content can also be turned into soft capsules.
●Can be chewed and eaten thanks to finish that is softer than that of normal soft capsules.

E-Capsule100% natural enteric pharmaceutical production

E-Capsule does not dissolve inside the stomach. It is a pharmaceutical production that first dissolves when it enters the intestines. Enteric pharmaceutical production is a capsule produced by means of a unique manufacturing method, using a capsule membrane coated with enteric raw materials, and it has excellent preservation properties under high temperatures and high humidity levels.

●Dissolves inside the intestines without dissolving inside the stomach.
●Possible to mix raw materials that lose physiological effects in gastric juice, or which stimulate the gastric mucosa.
●Difficult for returning smell to occur even when mixing raw materials that return an unpleasant smell.

B-CapsuleStable, safe and reliable hard capsule

This hard capsule joins the fitting parts of hard capsules and integrates the capsule body and cap. It has significantly better airtight properties than normal hard capsules.

●Even raw materials that are easily oxidized can be used with peace of mind.
●Since it has excellent moisture-proof properties, it is more stable with highly absorbent raw materials and raw materials that easily deteriorate when absorbing moisture.
●Excellent odor resistance enables masking of strong-smelling raw materials.
●Tamper-proof effects.
●Can also be filled with oil solution.

QC-CapsuleEnvironmentally-friendly capsule container

This is a portable type of capsule container that seals contents with excellent safety and stability. It can also be made purely of plant-based raw materials.

●Excellent safety and simple disintegration by dissolving in water, making it kind to the global environment.
●Hygienic because containers are individually packaged for single doses.
●Convenient for carrying when traveling or away from home, etc.
●Products can be made in various fields, including cosmetics (beauty lotions, etc.) and foodstuffs (flavoring oils, etc.).

Marking capsule/tablet

There are two techniques ? laser marking and pad printing ? with which text, symbols and illustrations, etc. can be printed on capsules/tablets.

●Easy to differentiate from other products.
●Best-before dates and lot numbers can be printed.
●By printing company name or logo, one’s own company can be promoted and the product can be differentiated from other companies’ products.
●Fashionable nature can be enhanced by printing illustrations.
●With laser marking it is possible to mark without using ink and without touching by hand, so this is both environmentally-friendly and hygienic.

Liquid/granule jelly baseDelicious dessert-style health-foods

Soft, light jelly can be produced simply by mixing with milk, etc. This is a new form of delicious health-food.

●Functional ingredients such as collagen and dietary fiber, which must be taken in relative large amounts, can be mixed in and taken in a delicious form.
●Depending on the function of the ingredients, it can be used for dieting snacks, food for elderly persons, and snacks for children, etc.
●Soft and easy to swallow, so can be taken with peace of mind by elderly persons and people who have difficult swallowing.
●Light and compact nature makes convenient for carrying and saves space.
●Granule jelly base can be produced not only with cow’s milk, but also even with low-fat milk and soy milk.

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