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Functional Jelly

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Why Jelly?

✓Capable of high dose with full active ingredients
e.g., 3g(3000mg) of collagen peptide is put in one stick of 15g
✓Convenient and reliable administration
✓Variety of taste and texture
✓Variety of formulations

Types of jelly/mini-drink

The typical forms of packaging available are three-sided seal packaging and stick packaging.
We have prepared three types that feature an easy-to-open design and are small enough to be convenient for carrying.
We can also produce stand seal packaging suitable for large volumes.

Liquid-containing bottle opening stick packaging

Liquid-containing bottle opening stick packaging has a fine opening that makes it easy to open and drink. The bottle-like shape makes it the thinnest form of mini-drink.

Liquid-containing bottle opening three-sided seal packaging

The openings of the liquid-containing bottle opening three-sided seal packaging and standard three-sided seal packaging are fine, representing an improved form of bottle opening. They are easy to pour and easy to drink.

Three-sided seal packaging

Three-sided seal packaging has a wide opening, making even highly viscous liquids easy to drink. Items filled with liquid can also be frozen and eaten as sorbets.

Stand seal packaging

Stand seal packaging has a stylish bottle-shaped form that can hold capacities of 20g or above, and its standalone nature makes it suitable for selling in shops.

Size and filling capacity (reference values)
Weight of contents (g) 5 10 15 20 30
Width (mm) 30 30 35 35 40 40 45 45 50
Length (mm) 90?100 135?145 105?115 135?145 105?115 135?145 115?125 135?145 120?130

In the case of three-sided seal packaging

Strengths of jelly

1. Excellent convenience, portability and hygiene

Since one sachet contains a single dose, it is portable, convenienty and hygienic.
Aluminum packaging materials open quickly and easily, requiring little force.

2. Environmentally-friendly packaging

After consumption, the packaging can be folded into a compact form and disposed of, reducing the volume of trash and making it easy to throw away.

3. Barrier properties

Aluminum packaging materials have excellent oxygen barrier properties and light-blocking effects, and are ideal for making products with raw materials that are susceptible to the effects of oxygen or light.

4. Easy to swallow

Can be taken smoothly without water.

5. A large quantity of active ingredients can be taken in at once

Compared with tablets, capsules, powders and granules, etc. large quantities of active ingredients can be contained.

In particular, jelly…

i. Has relatively simple masking

By making gels using flavorings or acidulants, it is easy to mask bitter aftertastes, etc.

?. Can be differentiated by means of flavors and food textures

Flavors and food textures themselves become attractive points.

?. Is easy to swallow even for elderly persons

Jelly is easy to swallow even for people who lack the strength to swallow and for elderly persons, so it is possible to reduce the risk of people accidentally getting it stuck in the trachea or choking on it.

In particular, mini-drinks…

i. Have small capacity and are compact

Since it is more compact than cans/glass bottles/PET bottles, transportation costs are reduced and it is suitable for mail order in units that last one month. Also, a one-day dose of active ingredients can be taken in a form that is smaller than conventional drinks, so it has the advantage of being easy to keep drinking every day.

?. Make it easy to squeeze out the contents

Since it uses soft aluminum wrapping, it is easy to squeeze out the contents it can even be used for highly viscous contents that are difficult to eject from a bottle-type container. Another advantage is that a fixed quantity can be drunk in its entirety.

Jelly/mini-drink manufacturing method

Jelly/mini-drink manufacturing process
Raw material acceptance test
Mixing of contents
Heat sterilization
Undiluted solution filtration
Inspection of appearance
Automatic collecting device
Product testing

General preservation/storage conditions for health-foods

Except for special items, health-foods (soft capsules, hard capsules, seamless capsules, tablets, granules, jellies and mini-drinks) are normally kept at room temperature, and even from the perspective of the composition of contents and changes in appearance, etc., it is necessary to avoid high temperatures and high humidity, as well as sudden changes in temperature, and as with general foodstuffs, efforts should be made to keep health-foods in stable and secure conditions. In general, the following conditions are desirable.
◎Temperature 30℃ max.
◎Humidity RH60% max.
◎Oxygen (air) (avoid placing inside vehicle, on vehicle dashboard/trunk, or in bag, etc.)
(Avoid kitchens/drainage area and places where rust/mold easily occur)
(Avoid direct sunlight)
(After opening, firmly close stopper or fastener, etc. to prevent contact with air)
Detailed preservation/storage conditions are described below.


(1) Changes in the appearance of jelly and mini-drinks

Jelly and mini-drinks are generally packaged in aluminum sachets that block oxygen, light, and moisture, so this formulation is not as susceptible to the effects of open air as capsules and tablets, etc. As with general foodstuffs, they should preferably be stored long-term in normal temperatures (15-25°c) with a relative humidity of 40-60%. If stored incorrectly, or if there are external impacts, changes in appearance such as those shown below may occur.
? The jelly will smash if the product is bent, or if a heavy object is placed on top of the product.
? If a small hole opens up in the packaging materials, the contents may leak out, or may change color, solidify or decay due to the effects of the open air.

(2) Stability of jelly/mini drink contents

Although the contents vary depending on the ingredients, long term storage at a high temperature (50°c or more) can cause viscosity reduction/water separation, and the taste and texture are more likely to change. Although the quality won’t be affected, the effects of low temperatures may cause the contained ingredients to separate (crystallize).

(3) Jelly/mini-drink preservation/storage conditions

As mentioned above, jelly/mini-drink products should be stored away from direct sunlight, high levels of temperature and humidity, and sudden changes in temperature, and should be stored at normal temperatures (15-25°c). These products can also be taken in frozen form, but in such cases it is necessary to avoid re-freezing.
When storing, take care to avoid external impact and storage with sharp objects.

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