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Flow of outsourced manufacturing

Here, we will explain the flow of our outsourced manufacturing.

1. Consultations with customers

Our motto is to reflect the demands of our customers in product design and to provide satisfaction in product manufacture. We want our customers to consult us about anything, whether it’s an idea or an issue with an existing product.

2. Product planning and proposals

We investigate the market, and materials and product information and make proposals after establishing production concepts, product forms and prescriptions that meet our customers’ needs.

3. Raw materials development and selection

We can introduce high functionality raw materials to be combined in products, and, depending on the situation, we can take orders for the development of high originality and high functionality raw materials for cultivation at contracted farms using selection, concentration and fertilization technology.

4. Product development

By making a prototype, we can establish the final production method, calculate the cost, and confirm stability. The customer can also test the prototype to check for marketability.

5. Main production

We manufacture products for customers at factories with comprehensive health and quality control that meet the GMP standards for medicinal products and dietary supplements..

6. Shipping inspection

In order that only safe products that have passed a product inspection are delivered to customers, managers carry out strict shipping inspections, and only the products that pass this inspection are prepared for shipping.

7. Logistics business

Products that pass the shipping inspection and are prepared for shipping are delivered accurately at the required time and location and in the right amount. For more information, please visit the Logistics business page

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