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Examples of use of capsules/tablets

There are various kinds of capsules that are put to a variety of uses, including health-foods and general foodstuffs. On this page, we will introduce the various kinds and uses of capsules.
Additional usage methods can also be considered depending on what is conceived by the customer. Please contact us about product development.

Various types of capsules

Unusual hard capsule

Hard capsules are generally filled with powder, but tablets, granules and fats and oils in paste form can also be filled.

Chicken-/fish-derived collagen capsule

A capsule that uses chicken-/fish-derived collagen. Highly transparent, beautiful capsules can be produced.

Soft and hard capsules (marking capsules) with printed letters and pictures

Capsules can be marked with letters and designs. Capsules can be made more distinctive by marking the product name. A character can also be marked on the capsule to make the product appear more playful.

Gold leaf coating soft capsule

Applying a gold leaf coating to capsules improves the appearance and gives a sense of luxury. Thicker coatings are more stable in high temperatures, so that capsules do not stick to each other inside the container.

Bamboo charcoal soft capsule

Charcoal has been used since ancient times as a traditional remedy.
The expected effects include:

1. Foreign substances are absorbed and extracted

2. The smell of excrement is restricted

3. Negative ions are increased, which relaxes the mind and body

These expected effects can be added to capsules by using charcoal in the capsule membrane, which also prevents them from sticking to each other.

Examples of use in general foodstuffs

Soft capsules that make rice cooked in a microwave taste like boiled rice

Edible rice that can be cooked in a microwave oven is very convenient, but the taste is disappointing. Place one or two soft capsules in the microwave oven before cooking to enjoy the taste of boiled rice.

Soft capsules that make instant noodles taste as good as those of ramen noodle shops

Place between one and three of these soft capsules in with instant noodles and the soup base and add hot water for noodles that smell great and are addictively delicious.

Soft capsules that make lean tuna taste like fatty tuna

Fatty tuna is delicious, but it is too expensive to consume every day. Twist the top of this capsule and pour the flavored oil onto lean tuna and it will taste like fatty tuna.

Other examples of use

Odor-preventing soft capsules

Soft capsules remove the source of smells that are troublesome during consumption. Swallow able type soft capsules, which are consumed without chewing, are dissolved in the stomach, which eliminates the source of troublesome smells. The capsule on the right is a very small capsule that has a diameter of less than 1cm and can be dissolved orally, which leaves the mouth feeling refreshed.

Soft capsules used as bullets in sports pistols

Pistol bullet soft capsules smash open when they hit a target, which leaves a mark.

Flavor capsule

Capsules are the optimal product format for enjoying aromas and for providing a stable supply of essential oils that add delicious flavors to foods. For example, a capsule can be placed in the filter of a cigarette for use when smoking in order to add new flavors, such as a sense of refreshment.
Aside from tobacco, there are also the following examples of use.

・Indoor aromatics

・Aromatic bags

・Flavored gum

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