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Manufacturing of cosmetics

Cosmetic soft capsules

Soft capsules were originally a product format (pharmaceutical production) for use in such fields as health-foods and medicinal products. Recently, they have also come into use in the cosmetics industry. The first example of the use of soft capsules for cosmetics took place a few decades ago when bath fragrances, which contained luxury essential oils (susceptible to air oxidation/deterioration), were wrapped in a highly water-soluble gelatin membrane that created an oxygen barrier. These capsules could be dropped into the bathtub when taking a bath, and were used for bath fragrances (drop-in bath fragrance) and body fragrances.

Examples of use in cosmetics

1. Bath Oil Capsule

Capsule-type bathing additive manufactural in various forms

2. QC-Capsule

Cosmetic capsule container that is kind to the environment and seals single doses of cosmetic oils, etc.

3. Water-resistant, heat-resistant capsule

Mixed capsules for shampoo, cosmetic liquids and liquid foundation, etc.

4. Microscopic capsule

Microscopic capsule with massage effect for mixture of facial scrubs, etc.

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