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Since the establishment of Sunsho Pharmaceutical in 1993 as an outsourced manufacturing business for health-foods and medicinal products, we have supported and grown alongside our customers. One of the strengths of the Company is the prompt and stable supply of “cutting edge formulation technology”, “the highest quality” and “reliable products”, which are stated in the company policy.
The health-foods outsourced manufacturing market in Japan is stabilizing, and it is thought that the market will continue expanding due to the rise of self-medication and the need for QOL improvements in Japan’s rapidly ageing society, and due to the removal of the ban on functional labeling on health foods. In this environment, in order to respond to the various demands of our customers in terms of the diversification and enhancement of user needs in connection to health-foods and medicinal products and global expansion, we are aiming for a stronger business base, which includes maintaining and expanding production and quality assurance control systems. We are also expanding the medicinal products business, accelerating the growth strategy for overseas development, “expanding globally with formulation technological strength and the highest quality products as key assets,” and increasing our activities as a “service provider that contributes to the health of mankind.”
In our new growth stage, all Sunsho employees will continue to do their very best in conjunction with our customers to contribute to the health life of humanity through the prompt and stable supply of cutting edge formulation technology, the highest quality and reliable products.

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