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Corporate Philosophy

Company creed

 Cutting-edge pharmaceutical production technology
 Absolute quality
 Reliable products

Company Credo

To always work with a spirit of fairness and modesty, with love for people who honor the heavens, using cutting-edge pharmaceutical production technology for prompt and stable supply of reliable products, contributing to the healthy living of our citizens


To supply pharmaceutical productions providing ingredients to the necessary parts of the living body with the greatest efficiency and stability

Origins of company name

Our company name of “Sunsho” is derived from a term in the 42nd Chapter penned by Chinese philosopher Laozi in the 6th Century BC.

“Teachings” produce “one thing”, which in turn produces two things, two things produce three things, and all things are created from three things.
Every living thing faces the sun. These two aspects ? yin and yang ? are harmonized as “nothingness” by means of the “chuki”.

This represents the way in which all creation is produced from “nothing”. Everything is harmonized by this “chuki”, which is the third creation, and in turn this produces everything in the universe.

The “Sun” part of “Sunsho” also incorporates the following meanings.

(1) Sun
All life on Earth requires energy from the sun in order to keep living.

(2) Son
Our company will certainly continue for many generations, leaving a son (successor/organization).

(three) generations: the past, present, and future We will connect our past work to the present and future.

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