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Vegetable Soft Capsules

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Why vegetable?

✓Allergan free supports safety and reliable perceptions
✓Dissolution delay is less likely to occur
✓Blocking is less likely
✓No cross-linking
✓No Maillard reaction
✓Perfect for vegetarians
✓Tasteless and Odorless


Sunsho Pharmaceutical has developed softgels with safety vegetable materials such as starch from corns, carrageenan from algae, and agar.
We paved the way for vegetable softgels in the industry and have been engaged in vegetable softgels over decades.

Soft Gel forms

Strengths of Soft Gel

1. Excellent airtight properties and stability

The manufacturing process does not include heating/pressurizing, and the capsule membrane has airtight properties and barrier properties against oxygen, producing excellent content stability. At the same time, there are excellent masking effects that cover the taste, color and smell of the contents.

2. Easy to swallow

This is an easy-to-swallow pharmaceutical production as it has a high relative weight and sinks in water.

3. High level of freedom in product design

Capsule membrane flavor, fragrance, color, transparency, gloss and shape can be freely selected, and marking (printing) is also possible with edible ink or laser marker, delivering a greater degree of freedom in product design in terms of appearance, flavor and fragrance, etc. than other solid preparations, and enabling production of high added value foodstuffs.

Soft Gel manufacturing method

Soft Gel Q&A

1. What is a soft Gel?
2. Why use Soft Gel?
3. Does the storage/handling of Soft Gel require special attention?
4. The color of the capsule seems to be slightly different from the previous product…
5. The contents of capsule appear to have separated or split into two layers…

Q1. What is a soft Gel?

A. Soft Gel, a late 19th century invention from the French pharmacist Mothes, et al., are a well-sealed and high-safety product form that enclose non-water soluble liquids or liquids containing fine powders in a high quality protein (gelatin, otherwise known as “hydrolyzed collagen protein”) with a thickness of 0.2 to 0.8mm.

Q2. Why use Soft Gel?

A. The main causes of changes to the composition of foods are temperature, light, oxygen in the air and moisture. In addition to the food components, Soft Gel add purified vegetable oils as a liquid, which is contained an superlative capsule membrane that blocks oxygen from the air. Vegetable oils also block moisture in the air. Accordingly, the ingredients contained in Soft Gel are extremely safe. Soft Gel are also superior in terms of internal absorption efficiency due to the liquid contents (absorption in the stomach/bowels). This is why Soft Gel are the product form most suited to health foods and why they are delivered to the customer with the ingredients as fresh as possible.

Q3. Does the storage/handling of Soft Gel require special attention?

A. We are resolved to providing the absolute highest quality soft Gel products in terms of maintaining the freshness of ingredients, internal absorption and ease of consumption, etc. However, because our products do not include additives such as preservatives and antiseptics, they must be stored away from direct sunlight and protected from high temperatures/high humidity. Please consume the product quickly after opening. The soft Gel membrane increases the stability of the contents, but the membrane itself is dissolved by gastric juices in the stomach and is absorbed in the bowels. Therefore, as soft Gel membranes are weak in temperatures above body temperature (36°c) and are weak against moisture, please avoid storing Soft Gel in high temperature/high humidity locations, which may cause the membranes to soften or to stick together. Please also avoid storing Soft Gel in refrigerators or freezers as capsules become too hard and are susceptible to breaking if stored long-term (one month or more) in a refrigerator (5-10°c) or freezer (-0°c or below).
Soft Gel should preferably be stored long-term in normal temperatures (15°c-30°c) and at a relative humidity of 40-60%. Although Soft Gel are easier to consume than hard capsules or tablets, children and elderly people should take them slowly with plenty of water or in the bath in order to avoid choking.

Q4. The color of the capsule seems to be slightly different from the previous product…

A. We do not use colorings to control the color of capsules, the contents of which are mainly produced using natural raw materials from plants and animals. Accordingly, the color may change over time, and the appearance of the product may differ slightly to the previous product. We appreciate your understanding in this matter, as minor differences in the color of the capsules do not affect the ingredients or the quality.

Q5. The contents of capsule appear to have separated or split into two layers…

A. For suspensions, which are Soft Gel that contain both solid ingredients and liquid ingredients, high temperature locations and strong vibrations will cause the hard ingredients and the liquid ingredients contained in the capsule to separate, which will appear as if each ingredient has separated and settled. However, this is merely a physical change in appearance. It is the same kind of physical alteration as when honey is left in a cold place and the sugar content separates, or when jelly is left in a warm place and the moisture separates, so generally this physical change is nothing to be concerned about.
If Soft Gel include solid ingredients, natural beeswax produced by bees and high-viscosity cooking oil (fatty acid glyceride esters) are added as stabilizing ingredients to prevent heavy solid ingredients and light liquid ingredients from separating. Both of these raw materials are made from natural products, and have long been used as food products, so they can be consumed with peace of mind.
The above details are general information based on various publications, literary information, and internal research publications and experience. Depending on the product, there may be some differences, so please contact the sales department at Sunsho Pharmaceutical for specific cases.

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