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Health foods

Outsourced manufacturing OEM of health-foods

 About outsourced manufacturing OEM

At Sunsho Pharmaceutical, in order to meet customer demands, we comprehensively undertake the outsourced manufacturing OEM of health foods (supplements). As we can handle everything from the supply of raw materials to production and packaging, we are able to strictly adhere to the due delivery time with cost-competitive and high quality products.
We gladly accept consultations from new companies that are considering entering the health-foods (supplements) industry. We can assist in the planning stage by establishing prescriptions and selecting raw materials for health foods (supplements) that meet customer demands.

 List of outsourced health-foods (supplements)

Sunsho Pharmaceutical is able to produce almost all formulations used in health foods (supplements). In addition to soft capsules, hard capsules/tablets, granules and jellies/drinks, we are working on original in-house formulation developments using the technology and experience we have accumulated over many years in the outsourced manufacturing OEM business for health-foods, medicinal products, and cosmetics.
Customers can choose a formulation suited to the planned product from the varied list of outsourced products at Sunsho Pharmaceutical.


When taking a request for the manufacture of health-foods (supplements), manufacture products by first meeting with the customer to discuss the development schedule and PB product concept, etc. before designing the product and considering prescriptions, and then making prototypes before entering actual production.
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Quality Assurance system

We have established a Quality Assurance system so that you can outsource work to us with peace of mind. We manufacture and deliver health-foods (supplements) to such a standard that you will be happy to have chosen our company.
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Other outsourcing business

Aside from our outsourced manufacturing OEM business, we also carry out development of raw materials for health-foods (supplements) and a logistics business. In addition, are working on the masking, etc. of smells and tastes that are peculiar to the raw materials. Please contact us if you are facing issues regarding pharmaceutical production and the smell, taste and color of raw materials.
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